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Natural Drugs & Cosmetics

Omedi is customized skin care developed to be suitable for individual skin types through research on differences between various skin types Natural DnC is a home aesthetic functional cosmetics Skin Care containing minerals, enzymes, vitamins and fermented vegetable compounds Skincare…

Raw Materials for Natural Cosmetics

MultiEx BSASM Plus is a cosmetics material to mitigate skin irritation. Containing seven plant extracts of green tea, lupine, licorice, chamomile, rosemary, golden rosemary, it relieves inflammation and itching caused by harmful factors. MultiEx BSASM Plus is a mild raw…

Natural Aromatherapy Cosmetics

Aroma Yong’s three aromatherapy masks give a feeling of experiencing a spa therapy as the blended natural aroma captivates the senses from the moment the product pouch is opened. In addition, the aroma oils and other ingredients deeply absorbed into the

Natural Tangerine Cosmetics

The special tangerines produced on Jeju are the result of the island’s volcanic soil, natural mineral water, and clean air. Tangerine is a natural health food containing various vitamins, proteins, and minerals. In particular, tangerine peel contains four times more vitamin C

Pore Care Solution

[INQ. NO. 1505C02] Caolion (www.caocos.com) launched the first natural Korean cosmetics free of synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances and alcohol in 1995, and after 20 years of continuous research and development, the company now has products excluding up to 21 different…