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July 27, 2023[INQ. NO. 2307C17] LC Moisture Cream is a moisturizing cream fi lled with eff ective ingredients extracted from lychnis, a wildfl ower of Korea. It is full of antioxidants derived from lychnis, which thoroughly protects the skin from harmful external elements and aging. This doublefunction moisturizing cream brightens the skin tone from dull to bright and clear while improving the wrinkles.

It contains no scent, so it does not irritate the skin, and makes the skin moist and fi rm, and is freshly absorbed into the skin without stickiness, so it can be used without discomfort on the skin.



LC Eye Cream, with its strong moisturizing eff ect, prevents and improves fi ne wrinkles around the eyes and the mouth. It is a functional eye cream dedicated to eye rims, which turns the skin fi rm and healthy.

This product protects the skin from aging, improves the eyebags, and turns the skin around the eye rims and the mouth bright and clear. It also has no scent, so it does not irritate the skin.

LC Ampoule is a strongly moisturizing nutritional supplement that densely and deeply fi lls the skin with moisture and provides moisture to the fi ne wrinkles.

LC Sun Cream is a sunblock with the UV blocking performance of SPF50+/PA++++, which intensively blocks UVA that causes skin aging and UVB that causes freckles.

LC Moisture Mask, with its mask pack sheet strongly adhering to the skin, delivers the moisturizing ingredients derived from lychnis deep into the skin and allowing the skin to maintain its moisture for a long time.



It supplies an abundant amount of moisture to the skin where sebum-moisture balance has been aff ected by external stimulation and becomes dry and sensitive. The abundant moisturizing elements provided by the natural lychnis will keep the skin moist for a long time.

LC Soothing Care Mask is a mask pack that quickly and immediately calms the skin burnt by the scorching sun or troubled by external stimuli.
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