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September 24, 2021 Toner
[INQ. NO. 2109C48] Rexri Creative Toner is an intensively moisturizing herbal treatment toner supplying both moisture and botanical medicine substances steadily to the skin. Jujube extract helps with radiant skincare, pigmentation, and exfoliation.
Portulaca oleracea extract has excellent effects on antibacterial relaxation, and moisturizing. The peach extract is good for anti-aging and radiance of the skin.

Skin Serum
Rexri Creative Serum is a boosting serum that conditions skin softer and richer by helping the recovery of dried and cracked skin. It provides rich and healthy skin.
Walnut component contained in it makes the skin surface richer and the inside of the skin moisturized, and the eucommia ulmoides component creates healthy skin conditions.

Rexri Creative Toner

Rexri Creative Cream

Rexri Creative Serum

Skin Cream
Rexri Creative Cream is a nutrient cream that completes skin with strength and liveliness by replenishing the essence of vitality. Rhododendron brachycarpum extract, known as the medicinal herb taken by Xians of China, relaxes the skin speedily.
It is currently exported to Malaysia, and is in preparation of export to the Czech Republic and Cambodia.
Raffine J Co., Ltd., established in 2012, is a cosmetic manufacturing company that uses ingredients extracted from nature to create and sell natural cosmetics suitable for all skin types. Three key secrets based on Donguibogam are applied, and herbal medicines such as ginseng, hwanggi, and angelica are used as main ingredients. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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