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April 23, 2019


Dermall Matrix Facial Dermal-Care Mask is a brand new concept of home esthetic mask pack with controlled delivery technology of essence, which is able to transmit the essence to the dermal layer of

skin for a long period of time, unlike conventional mask packs that transmit the essence to the surface of the skin for only a short period (20~30 minutes). Dermall matrix facial dermal-care mask can be used as a sleeping mask pack and a cooling pack with sunburn relief effect after outdoor leisure activities as well as a home esthetic mask pack with excellent adhesiveness.
Dermall Matrix Neck & Eye Zone Dermal-Care Patch is another type of facial mask. This facial mask and patch becomes transparent as the essence is deeply absorbed into the skin. Wearing the mask for a long period of time will deliver better results, along with excellent efficacy for wrinkle improvement and brightening effect.

Epidermal Detoxifying Mask is a gel-type special mask made from natural ingredients with great effectiveness against ultra-fine dust and makes the skin more clear and pure. Using the Epidermal Detoxifying Mask before applying Dermall Matrix Facial Dermal-Care Mask will clear the outer layer of your skin from ultra-fine dust as well as other impurities, offering more intense and deepening hydration effect.
Dermall Matrix SkinCare was developed by Dermall Matrix Co., Ltd., a biomaterial company specializing in human tissue. The R&D team of the company, with its broad experience of skin regeneration, has developed moisturizing products by using the most similar material to human skin based on artificial skin manufacturing technologies for severe burn treatment. Dermall Matrix’s skin care products are made from natural ingredients by using advanced bioengineering skills to treat sensitive skin. Dermall Matrix provides its customers with an entirely new moisturizing experience.

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