Nurungji (Overcooked Rice Crust)

Since ancient times, Republic of Koreans have been keeping in shape by drinking scorched-rice water. Ricewell Nurungji is made by baking macerated rice on a brass plate in the traditional way, thus offering a more savory taste.

It is a traditional Korean rice food that is made of 100% domestic rice for the restoration of the taste of Nurungji by using a specially developed brass plate for enhancing thermal conductivity and discharging harmful substances contained in rice while providing savory fragrance.

It is recommended to cook Ricewell Nurungji long enough, and it can be added to other foods such as ramen and Jeongol (hotpot). In addition, it is easy to carry for outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, fishing, and traveling.
Korea Rice Bio Inc. was established in 2010 as a manufacturer of rice noodles, and has been producing the Korean traditional food, Nurungji. Its products range from white rice to brown rice, glutinous rice, organic rice, brown rice snack, and instant cup rice. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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