Tooth-Cleaning Tablet

AL-RU Gargle is a new type of toothpaste-like tablet that maintains, promotes and enhances oral hygiene. It has attractive characteristics of convenience in usage which enables users to obtain refreshing yet hygienic oral conditions anywhere, anytime. This is done by simply chewing till the tablet breaks down into smaller pieces until a bubble foam is created (10 – 30 sec). It is recommended to hold the created bubble and gargle for three to four minutes to experience the maximum result, reducing residual toothpaste after brushing.

The tablet breakdown, containing diverse sizes of abrasives, creates a protective layer on the teeth, while a powerful yet healthy cleansing action takes place. Everyone and anyone can benefit from this including patients suffering from gum problems, undergoing dental treatment, or wearing braces, and also for pregnant mothers and children due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial action.
AL-RU Gargle cleans the mouth with plenty of foam as easy oral care when going out. In addition, bubbles quickly penetrate and cleans the mouth, improving the effects of dental floss. This solid gargle can be used for easy tooth cleaning anytime and anywhere, before dating or a meeting, after a meal or smoking, after dental treatment, on a travel or business trip, and for the sensitive gums of pregnant women’s gums.

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