Bicycle saddle, “Sangle-Fit,”

[INQ. NO. 1908C19] Creven. Co. Ltd., markets an automatic angle-adjusting device for the bicycle saddle, named “Sangle-Fit,” in EUROBIKE due to its long-term development of bicycle parts. With automatic adjustment of the angle of the saddle often, the rider can relieve fatigue from the difficulty of a fixed saddle. It increases the time and distance of cycling and the rider can expect an

increase in aerobic capacity.
The benefits of Sangle-Fit include convenience, safety, efficiency and health. It provides excellent riding comfort by adjusting the saddle’s angle while cycling. It increases stability by preventing the upper body from leaning while climbing steep hills. Sangle-Fit reduces fatigue by maximizing cycling power uphill and allows continuous cycling. It significantly reduces prostate pain and backache compared to fixed saddles.
Its specifications include aluminum 27.2mm/ length 350mm with the range of angle of -15 degrees (downward). | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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