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September 4, 2019


[INQ. NO. 1908C25] Neal Cast is an orthopedic splint material for full Gibbs to fix the affected part. Developed by using exclusive technology, it offers various options to choose from nine different types of casting tapes according to customers’ requests. This synthetic casting tape for rigid or soft immobilization comes in a wide variety of colors. With the tape combining knitted fiberglass or polyester fabric with water activity resin, it is flexible and elastic for every direction for better immobilization. Neal Cast is exported to the European market,

and its quality has been verified in the USA, Europe, and Japan.
Neal splint is an orthopedic splint made by polyester non-woven fabric or fiberglass impregnated with water activity resin. The outer pad made of hydrophobic polypropylene fabric has shortens drying time, so patients can keep the dry skin. It prevents secondary infection and also provides patients with comfort.

Neal customizing Brace are exclusively created and built by BL tech Co., Ltd., its basic concept is to fit and follow the body curves of each patient’s. It gets rid of all inconveniences of old-type braces with metal or plastic bar. Its performance is quite similar to thermoplastic applied braces but the biggest difference from thermoplastic is that Neal Brace never needs the heating machine which is uncomfortable, costly and heavy. All you need is a half glass of pure water to make your own brace. It’s very unique technology to harden the splint with small amount of water and it took years to invent it and it’s been developed with the capital of government subsidy by BL’s R&D team.

Neal underpad is tubular bandage used as skin protect bandage when casting tape operation. It made from Aerosilber yarn that skin-irritate free and water-repellent. It drains water well and dries very fast to provide extraordinary comfort to patients.
BL tech has been manufacturing orthopedic medical supplies such as casting tape and splints by applying its own unique polymer technology since 2006. Along with producing its own featured brand Neal, the company also provides OEM and ODM services to global companies.
Having started sales and marketing in the Korean market since 2007, BL tech has achieved the highest market share with domestic market share over 30% in 2018. It has signed sales contracts with global companies including Ossur, BSN, Sigmax and Beijing Medicare(Hanmi), having the quality of its products verified globally for years.

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