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September 9, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1909C01] Following the trend of significant growth of interest in men’s beauty, Gentlecode has launched two kinds of customized All-In-One Essence so that customers not merely experience convenience, but select the product according to their various skin problems and seasons, unlike the existing men’s cosmetics. Anti-Drying All-In-One Essence helps improve dry and rough skin texture, and Pore Control All-In-One Essence controls pores and oil which are the cause of kin ailments for most men. This product

is designed to lead the men’s beauty market by providing sensible and practical contents as well as product quality in order to solve men’s fundamental skin issues and satisfy men’s growing demands for grooming.
“Perfume Spray”, which is not available in general men’s cosmetic brands, can be referred to as the signature product of Gentlecode only. A sophisticated fragrance like spraying the perfume and easy-to-carry size imprint one’s clean and sensible image anytime, anywhere.
C & CN, established in 2015, is a global beauty company operating its overseas on/off-line cosmetics distribution and its own brand. Under the management philosophy of delivering the brand value and cultural contents

together beyond the products, it has been striving for its brand expansion and continuous development and growth. As a result, Gentlecode, a men’s cosmetics brand, is offering two all-in-one cosmetics, perfume spray and BB cream, based on solid product quality and sensual beauty contents. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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