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Skincare Essence

Skincare Essence [INQ. NO. 1803C29] BEST SOLUTION Co., Ltd. is a ‘Total Beauty Solution’ company providing all the services from Formulations R&D, to packaging, designing and document support for all kinds of cosmetics for skincare, color cosmetics, and masks via…

Crocodile Oil Products

Crocodile Oil Products [INQ. NO. 1802C37] Columbia Healthcare, Inc has been producing healthcare medical devices for many years. It has also earned a reputation as a healthcare company that is certified by the U.S. FDA and exports its products to…

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions [INQ. NO. 1802C28] Eyemee The Beauty Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of lash hair, adhesive, and other relative materials for eyelash extensions. max2originale™ has passed a safety test three years ago with the world’s first formaldehyde-free…

Pine Needle Oil “JeokSongYu”

[Serial No. 2012-B-139] Solnara has been long carried out researches and manufactured products such as pine needle oil health foods, natural soap, essence, hand cleaner and deodorant using naturally grown Korean plants as raw materials. The pine needles, which are…

Skin-care Products

ILJIN is a well-known Korean manufacturer of perm lotion, coloring, hair care, skincare, and other home care chemical products that are excellent in quality with affordable price.

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LG Household & Health Care

Ohui is one of the high-end cosmetics brands owned by LG Household & Health Care. Korea’s leading maker of household products and cosmetics, LG H & H is focusing on developing and marketing its high-end cosmetics, based on advanced, extensive scientific research and innovative technologies. Built on quality clinical research, the cosmetics are formulated to