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September 17, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1909C27] This product, which is excellent in improving whitening effects and reducing wrinkles, is made mainly from jojoba oil and macadamia, featuring high spreadability and abortiveness. It has been a big hit in some of the Southeast Asian nations including Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and others in the past, and there are now plans to relaunch it as a more upgraded and improved premium line.
The basic cosmetic set is a group of cosmetic products newly developed with the aim of advancing into the Southeast Asian market.

The spreadability and moisturizing function of this set have been maximized to cool down the skin exhausted by the hot weather, while the additional whitening function will have a gradual effect on improving the skin as well.
The tonic essence provides the light spreadability and high efficiency of an essence. It is designed to moisturize, whiten and tone down the skin at once instead of applying a toner and an essence separately in the busy morning.
The wrinkle-improving and highly-enriched renewal cream product consisting of MOA cream for morning and EVA cream for evening further enhance efficiency for skincare.

The cleansing foam can be widely spread even with a small amount and can be a good substitute of oily cleansing products that customers in the Southeast Asian market don’t like.
The tone-up cream quickly whitens and refreshes the skin color upon lightly applying it on the face especially in the busy morning. It is a popular product for causing no sticky feeling, while providing a certain level of sun-blocking effects.
The pigmentation-reducing cream has a good effect on removing stains and relieving freckles and pimples caused by and UV rays. It does not cause the feeling of stickiness, providing satisfactory results when applied onto a facial spot needed to be taken care of.
Founded in 2015, OZ Healthcare Inc. is a cosmetics manufacturer that develops customized cosmetics using hypoallergenic natural ingredients through more than 1,500 recipes. Rather than making a single product and selling the same product intensively, the company aims to produce cosmetics conforming to regional, racial, and climatic conditions. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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