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October 10, 2019


[INQ. NO. 1910C1] Coxir, containing the value of nature, is a brand created based on three keywords: Goodness, Simplicity and Trendy ‒ meaning simple and trendy design. It makes the skin healthy and balanced by selecting raw materials less irritating to the skin and, through ceaseless deliberation and research, adding clear air and clean nature itself. Coxir uses, as its raw materials, the clean and nutrient-rich super foods of the Amazon basin, known as “the heart of the earth,” and also use the volcanic water of Jeju Island, which is a volcanic island off the southern peninsula of Korea, as its raw material.

In addition, Coxir contains natural minerals and essential nutrients using the pollution-free glacial meltwater of Alaska. It has developed a brightening cosmetic which maximizes the function of wrinkle reduction using EGF that facilitates proliferation of stem cells and epithelial cells, which is a new trend, and utilizes Vitamins A, B, C and E.
The Skin House consists of a broken-down molecular structure of cosmetics by using its own patented energy method to form very small molecules. Like Coxir, The Skin House imports all ingredients directly from Amazon and uses a patented energy method to break down the molecular structure of cosmetics for making them very small. Thanks to these small molecules, the product is absorbed faster and deeper into the skin, helping to solve customers’ skin concerns in a short time.
Noksibcho Cosmetic Co., Ltd., a specialized total healthcare group established in 1979, has a 40-year history in manufacturing and distribution. Starting off in the healthcare business with Noksibcho Aloes, the company is now in the vanguard of health-related business including cosmetics, electric toothbrushes COOLSSHA, nursing hospitals, medical equipment, as well as health food. In addition, equipped with the facilities of GMP, cGMP and ISO Certification (9001, 14001), Noksibcho develops and produce all the products in the best facilities.

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