Functional Cosmetics

[INQ. NO. 1910C51] Ballon Blanc Body Peeling Mist, Pure Fresh Bubble Peeling Peeling Mist and Peeling Bubble for the exfoliation of dead skin contain five natural botanical ingredients including tea tree oil, and aloe to keep skin smooth and hydrated after use, causing minimal skin irritation and providing a hydrated feel after exfoliation.
The skin suffers all sorts of stress in a single day caused by pollution, UV-rays, etc.
Rich in natural essence, Ballon Blanc Blanc Therapy Mask Pack is made from low-hazard EWG’s green-rated natural ingredients. With the

effect of the natural essence that penetrates deep into the skin, this product helps prevent all types of skin problems, protecting and soothing the stressed skin. Users can choose from the six different types of masks for desired skin conditions.

Using eco-friendly tencel-cupra sheets, Tencel Cupra Sheet is excellent in water absorption and adhesion as the active ingredients are delivered to the skin directly for higher absorption.
Ballon Blanc Real Cica Cica Mist is a natural moisturizing fine mist. Equipped with a moisturizer and an essence in a single bottle, this product features dual effects of skin moisturizing and calming. Made by using only EWG’s green-rated low-hazard ingredients and natural botanical ingredients, it contains no paraffin or synthetic pigment. Ballon Blanc Real Cica Cica Mist provides nourishing, refreshing, vitalizing and energizing feelings to the user.
SCANKO Co., Ltd. started as an IT company in 2001 and currently provides passive components to leading domestic and overseas memory-related companies, as well as effective and proper solutions to a number of enterprises.
SCANKO has expanded its business to overseas markets from the beginning of the Ballon Blabc brand launch, using its network and distribution lines established through overseas transactions with clients in China and the United States for many years. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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