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October 25, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1910C62] Moringa & Fermented Artemisia Shampoo is an all-in-one product with shampoo, conditioner and essence combined to provide simple and fast haircare.
Moringa & Fermented Artemisia Shampoo helps to create shiny hair by adding 13 Oriental herb medicines like mugwort and eliminating nine harmful substances that affect hair and skin hormones which stimulate the scalp and cause infection or block the skin’s pores and create dead skin cells. Of the added medicines, Moringa extract that plays the biggest role provides effects of forming a moisture layer and

strengthening moisturizing power.
Moringani Flower Skinrum moisturizes and revitalizes the skin by using flower complexes rich in moisture and fermented Artemisiae extract. Five seaweed extract complexes with anti-pollution effects form a moisturizing film to protect the skin from pollution and keep it clean and healthy.
Moringani Flower Skinrum is combined with skin toner, lotion and essence to save time for busy modern people’s morning schedules.
Bonye lnc. was founded in 2016 to produce natural cosmetics that are essential for consumers. After long research and development, it introduced products made from Moringa and fermented artemisiae extract. Bonye obtained the patent for product manufacture with two extracts, resulting in the launch of nine products using Moringa and Fermented Artemisiae. The company has recently signed a contract to export its products to Hungary. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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