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October 25, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1910C60] Consisting of toner, serum and cream. Jejuon Cuthera Turmeric a natural cosmetic product made from turmeric and lotus leaves grown on a herb farm on Jeju Island, Republic of Korea.
Cuthera Turmeric Toner is a water-type product containing turmeric root extract, lotus leaf extract, and turmeric leaf extract grown in Jeju to restore vitality and restore energy. Using turmeric leaf extract instead of purified water, it provides floral-based natural fragrances, giving the skin a feeling of firmness.
Cuthera Turmeric Serum fills the undernourished skin by using

turmeric root extract, lotus leaf extract and green tea leaf extract grown on Jeju. The hyaluronic acid makes the skin healthy by filling it with moisture. In addition, it uses natural ingredients without using silicone oil.
Cuthera Turmeric Cream moisturizes the skin by containing turmeric root extract, lotus leaf extract and almond oil, as well as herbal extract to soothe and regenerate the skin. It uses natural ingredients and no silicone oil, providing contains floral-based natural fragrances to restore tired skin.
Rich in vitamins, Jejuon Cuthera Green Mandarin skincare products are soothing moisturizer made from organic green mandarin and citrus honey produced on Jeju. They deliver vital energy deep into the skin with organic green mandarins that can only be seen for a month and honey of citrus flowers that can be seen for only two weeks per year. With more than 90% natural ingredients and extracts raw materials, with absolutely no chemical ingredients extracted by a natural method, the citrus essential oil offers the fragrance of green mandarin. Having passed the skin irritation test, the set consists of a toner, a serum, a cream and a soothing gel. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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