Functional Cosmetics

[INQ. NO. 1911C49] Hellocell Real Gold Enrich Shining Cream is equipped with a special formula that gives a white gold color when applied since it contains fine gold particles which are good for detoxification and skincare. The 24K gold’s ion effect restores skin’s vitality and elasticity.
Containing natural ingredients such as matricaria flower extract and centella asiatic extract, it helps calm the skin and strengthen the barrier. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes deep into the skin and triple vitamins including B3, B5, E nourish rough skin and improve skin tone.

Hellocell Premium Soothing Cooler Anti-Heat Essence Mist is gel type essence mist that uses patented soothing cooler ingredients and lowers skin temperature immediately to prevent thermal aging caused by overheating.
Eco-friendly blue grain capsules made of seaweed ingredients supply abundant minerals to the skin, and a moisture layer is formed when the capsules burst to protect moisture inside the skin. Gel type formulation can sustain moisture longer than water type.
Hellocell Madeca Sticky Cream is a sticky style cream containing Madecassoside effective for skin regeneration and Chinese yam root extract that strengthens skin barrier and manages smooth and glossy skin tone.
Chinese yam root extract and shea butter supply nutrients deep down into the skin, keep moisture from evaporating, and are effective to maintain moisture longer despite fast absorption.

Hellocell Real Mud Peel-Off Mask is a peel-off type pack containing natural mud kaolin and 24K gold to care clear and vigor skin with ion effect in gold as well as remove dead skin cells and clean pores. Kaolin has better antiphlogistic effect compared to red clay or regular mud, helps to care problematic skin, and removes wastes, such as fine dust, dead skin cells and sebum, remaining on the skin with high adsorptive power.
Since its establishment in 2019 Innercure has made products that can scientifically manage and prevent aging, pores, and skin laxity caused by the environment, persisting mild but effective ingredients such as madecassoside or real mud. It acquired European CPNP and Chinese NMPA certifications, and is being exported to Thailand and the Philippines, and export contracts are on the way additionally with 10 other countries including China, European nations, and Vietnam. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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