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November 5, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1911C26] With the Lupine nail multi sterilizer MK-1000, the user can sterilize nail nippers, pushers, or drill bits easily at home or in a shop. In spite of its small size, 99.9% of sterilization was certified and so were FCC, CE and KC safety certificates. Moreover, it can be used anytime anywhere using a micro USB port for mobile phone charger or batteries without a separate power system.
Lupine Gel nail Sticker can be attached or detached freely, and has 100 types of various designs. In addition, it offers sustainable (minimum 2 weeks long) higher gloss like gel compared to

regular polish because it is made using gel nail. There are two types -glossy type and matt type-with more than 100 designs, and new designs are introduced every season. The product obtained nontoxic safety certificates from SGS and KCL.
Consisting of a softener, patch, double side scraper and heel balm, the Lupine Rubbing Foot callus remover kit enables soft keratin softening and hygienic care. The double-sided scraper is designed to completely remove dead skin cells and keep the feet moist.
Lupine gel nail polish is made by using only ingredients listed in the International Cosmetic

Ingredient Dictionary (ICID), which is safe for humans, and minimizes damage to nails. It features vivid colors, excellent gloss, retention and durability.
Lupine Perfumed Cuticle Oil Pen is soft and fine brush type oil pan, and the users can carry it easily in their handbag or sack, or keep it in desk drawer. For Lupine Perfumed Cuticle Oil Pen, a dial method is adopted at the back of the oil pen to flow down constant amount of oil to the brush, and harmful ingredients like coloring were excluded for safety use.
SJ Nail Co., Ltd. supplies about 20,000 products such as nail, beauty, hair, cosmetics, skin and body products at home and abroad, and operates Angel Nails, nail and beauty outlets, in ten major cities of Korea including Seoul and Busan. Its products are exported to countries around the world including Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brazil, and South Africa. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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