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[INQ. NO. 1911C24] Saenggidan contains a complex of plant extracts such as Ginseng, Gobon, Astragalus, Sukjihwang, Dermis, and Horse Riding that keeps the skin vibrant.
Cheongsimdan is made by using ingredients including Counterpillar, medicinal herb, macmundong, donkey, celestial arch, and windproof carefully selected from 30 kinds of herbal medicines, which are effective against six major stimulants causing skin damage, thus instantly relieving skin damage caused by external stimuli, and improving fundamental problems.

The medicinal mushroom water is a medicinal product using carefully selected ingredients including Ganoderma lucidum, Sichuan, Bokryeong, Thirsty, Leafy, Shii, Cordyceps and Horseshoe mushrooms, which are known to have excellent efficacy for improving immunity.
Rexri Creative Serum is a boosting serum that can care for uneven and rough skin and change it to soft and moist skin. This serum helps the skin to become more glowing and healthy. It contains walnut ingredients to make the skin surface glossy and the inside of the skin moist. Eucommia bark ingredient, the so-called ‘fantasy medical herb, enriches healthy skin with great skincare effects.

Rexri Creative Cream is a nourishing cream that supplements the source of skin vitality, and completes the skin full of vitality and vigor. Rhododendron extract which is known as a medical herb consumed by legendary Taoist hermits soothes the skin quickly.
Rexri Creative Toner is a high moisture Oriental medicine toner that keeps supplying moisture and Oriental medicine ingredients to the skin. Jujube extract helps vital skin care and removes pigmentation and dead skin cells. Portulaca extract shows outstanding antibacterial, soothing, and moisture effects. Peach extract prevents skin aging and creates brighter skin.
Founded in 2012, Raffine J Co., Ltd. manufacturers functional cosmetics using natural ingredients for all skin types. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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