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November 5, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1911C34] The special tangerines produced on Jeju Island are the result of its volcanic soil, natural mineral water, and clean air. Tangerine is a natural health food containing various vitamins, proteins, and minerals. In particular, tangerine peel contains four times more vitamin C than its flesh, thereby being the best raw material for basic cosmetic ingredients.
QyoQyo is a naturalistic cosmetic brand made from tangerine peel ingredients obtained from the clean island of Jeju. It is a new concept cosmetics brand created with the aim to satisfy both the cosmetics

market and the gift market with unique concept packaging designs. Made from citrus, a representative agricultural product of Jeju Island, Republic of Korea, a globally renowned tourist destination, as its base ingredient, this flagship product of LaLa Co., Ltd. incorporates the image of Jeju Island harmoniously into its packaging.
Qyo Qyo Tangerine Bright + Moist All-In-1 Cream is a natural cosmetics product made in cooperation with an Oriental medicine doctor specializing in the skin by using only ingredients essential for the skin with no unnecessary oil components, thus featuring light texture.
It is made from vegetable raw materials that are effective in skin whitening, antioxidants, and regenerating effects of citrus peels produced in Jeju, and it is produced by using a low-stimulus and naturalistic methodology for customers in their teens with sensitive skin.

Having obtained international certifications including FDA, CPNP, and CFDA, Qyo Qyo is exported to the USA, Japan, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland, Bulgaria, and Germany. It is also exhibited annually at Las Vegas COSMOPROF, KCON LA, Beauty World Tokyo, Beauty Vision in Poland, etc.
QyoQyo Tangerine Bright+Moist ALL IN 1 CREAM offers the combined functions of toner, lotion, and essence. The seven kinds of flower extracts strengthen the skin by providing nourishment and moisture while the shea butter promotes skin elasticity, and the Tocopherol derivatives and betaine have high moisturizing effects. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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