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November 22, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1912C01] Derma Medicina Botanical Cleansing Soap is an all-in-one natural soap based on organically grown natural Aronia. The soap removes lipsticks and eye lines with its patented acne care plant extracts.
People can use Derma Medicina Botanical Cleansing Soap for washing faces, cleansing, and body showers. The product gets rid of minor acnes. In particular, it has excellent cleaning power thanks to polyphenol and anthocyanin which has strong washing power so it gives a fresh feeling after washing the face. It features 40 kinds of herbal extracts against skin allergies. Therefore it can soothe light skin

allergies. Among them, patented sword bean extract promotes skin regeneration and has a whitening effect.
The long use of the product helps people recover from fatigue and prevents hair loss by enhancing blood circulation. Its excellent power cleanses yellow dust, fine dust, harmful substances in the air, lipstick and makeup among others even if a person washes the face only once with it.

Derma Medicina Eyelash Magic Gross Serum, natural vegetable nourishment for eyelashes, makes short, scarce and weakened eyelashes longer, richer and healthier with CGS505 (soybean germ extract), based on the company’s own development. The rich nutrients of 12 kinds of natural vegetable extracts such as black beans, black sesame seeds and tangles and are deeply absorbed into eyelashes and provide nutrition to them. It strengthens hair roots so that fewer eyelashes fall off the skin and can be used after eyelash extension.

Its safety was verified through the skin and eye mucosal tests at the Korea Testing and Research Institute (KTR) and clinical trials on changes in eyelash length at the Skin Biotechnology Center of Kyung Hee University.
Founded in 1984, Hanbit Korea Co., Ltd. has been researching and experimenting with organically grown food ingredients and natural herbal ingredients for a long time to develop products that can improve skin problems. The company’s functional beauty soaps and cosmetics are exported to Japan, China, Vietnam, the Philippines and Angola. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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