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June 8, 2020


[INQ. NO. 2005C23] OxyCryo is a professional-grade beauty system. Via computerized touch screen control, the system is capable of mixing selected liquid serums with medical-grade oxygen, ozone, and anions. When the system is connected to the OCQUEST Dome Mask, it functions like a beauty robot, delivering fully automated post-procedural facial treatment.
OxygenCeuticals offers over 80 kinds of skincare products for various skin concerns. The products are infused with stabilized pure oxygen, plant extracts, collagen, and antioxidants to help restore and maintain youthful skin. The OxygenCeuticals products are also powered with innovative anti-aging ingredients, peptides, EGF, and plant stem cells.

This product is capable of immediately soothing the skin after various aesthetic treatments such as laser, MTS, thread lifting, and chemical peels. The OxygenCeuticals’s proprietary post-procedural protocols and products enhance the skin healing process by locking in moisture, reducing chances of bacterial infection, and reducing redness and irritation.

OxygenCeuticals is a manufacturer specializing in Oxygen infusion therapy. Combining Korean spa techniques along with oxygen-infused skincare (OxygenCeuticals) and applying an advanced oxygen infusion system (OxyCryo) to meet the needs of clients, OxygenCeuticals and OxyCryo is the #1 medical grade oxygen therapy system in Korea, adopted by over 600 famous medical aesthetic institutions. The company takes pride in its product research and development, education, training, and services that it offers to its customers.
OxygenCeuticals offers the world’s #1 medical grade oxygen post-care system. Its proprietary post-care system, combining professional-grade skincare and equipment, is adapted by over 80% of the premier medical aesthetic institutions in South Korea alone. It is also available in over 20 countries, expanding its international profile.

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