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June 25, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2006C06] The eyelash extension brands Eyelashmaker, They Neicha, and O’clair are customized for professionals around the world. We offer everything one needs for eyelash extensions, from high-quality eyelashes to a wide range of glue, adhesives, and accessories.
LAENITA is a skincare cosmetic brand developed and launched after a long period of research through years of accumulated know-how gained in beauty markets.
Currently, ‘Golden Thera-Patch,’ ‘Spa Cleaner,’ ‘Perfect Purifying Bubble Mask,’ and ‘Water Bomb Ampoule’ have been registered as CPNP

(European Cosmetics Certification), and other products are also being registered.
NOHJ, LABUTE and RARASKIN are mask pack brands created through partnerships with long-experienced mask pack manufacturers.
It has 162 different lineups to match the diverse needs of the global market. It has acquired various certifications such as NMPA (Chinese Cosmetics Certification), Russian trademark registration, design invention, etc., to enhance the competitiveness of its products.
SOFTONE is an all-in-one skincare solution that consists of a Pre-Care kit that solves skin problems, as well as making the skin feel smooth and clean, along with Wanna-B kit that creates the desired skin tone without makeup through semi-permanent skincare .
LUANES is a semi-permanent pigment brand designed for professionals. This brand is produced based on its own manufacturing technology and offers various colors to meet the demands of various cultures and age groups all over the world.

Starting with the establishment of HS Chemical in September 2009, HS International Inc. launched the Professional Eyelash Extension Brand (NEICHA) in 2012. With its unique design and various product lines, the company has participated in various international beauty exhibitions such as Intercharm Moscow in Russia and Cosmoprof in Hong Kong in 2013 to promote its brand worldwide. The following year, with the launch of the luxury brand O’CLAIR in 2014, the company established itself as Korea’s No.1 eyelash extension company. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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