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June 29, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2006C10] Say Skin Aurora+ is effective for skin improvement such as skin lifting, skin elasticity, skin tone-up, absorption of cosmetic active ingredients, acne and atopy by applying innovative technology.
In particular, Plasma and Microcurrent, new materials that are attracting attention as future trends, are generated simultaneously in the head ball of Aroma+, stimulating collagen and elastin in aging skin and turning it to young and healthy skin. In addition, it has a patent as a beauty device that produces plasma and microcurrent. In addition, Zirconia, a headball material, is a hygienic and eco-friendly high-strength ceramic that is safe for the skin.

Say Skin Aurora+ has been validated through a clinical test on skin lifting, skin elasticity, skin density, and skin tone through a 6-week trial conducted by the Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences (KIDS), and has been verified as a product that helps skin improvement. The result of the survey conducted on the subjects after completion of the clinical trial showed no skin adverse reaction, overall satisfaction with the texture being 95.2%, satisfaction with the effect 95.2%, the convenience of use, maintenance, management, and storage 100%.
A rarity in the industry, in particular, has passed the reliability test on more than 60 items to ensure the reliability of the product.
Say Skin Aurora+ has been introduced in three colors – modern black, chic white, and lovely pink, while Super Moisture Cream with an excellent boosting effect to the skin was also released. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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