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[INQ. NO. 2006C20] There are various elements that cause skin aging, yet one of the primary causes can be the decrease in collagen that constitutes about 80% of the skin — due to cellular aging and external irritation. Fibroblasts are cells that produce this collagen that plays such a significant role in skin health.
QTCell is a cosmeceutical brand for anti-aging that helps moisturize and improve the condition of the skin by restoring skin balance and homeostasis.
QTCell is composed of human dermal fibroblast conditioned media

(hDF-CM) as well as various types of peptides. The hDF-CM is produced based on the manufacturing technology of skin cell therapy products. Registered in the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary (ICID), it contains over 40 types of growth factor protein including collagen and elastin proteins. QTCell products are classified according to their use, while their content and efficacies differ. Currently, it has obtained various international permits including ANVISA in Brazil, CPNP in Europe, NMPA in China, and BPOM in Indonesia.
QTCell SIGNATURE is a premium product made from 100% single-component of hDF-CM. The ingredients may differ according to national regulations.

QTCell Skin Renewal Booster contains various high-functional moisturizing factors, including hDF-CM, and naturally derived ingredients. It is recommended for use after laser treatment and in combination with skin penetration equipment in clinics.
QTCell Black Label is a combination of QTCell Skin Renewal Booster and a microneedle roller. It is convenient to use, and it has a skin regeneration effect with a needle, while ensuring penetration of the solution.
QTCell SS Serum Solution and QTCell Daily Repair Cream are basic care products that can be used at home and is effective for soothing irritated skin after surgeries.
Established in 2016, S.THEPHARM Co., Ltd. provides one-stop solutions with anti-aging cosmetic surgery related products. S.THEPHARM is a leading company that creates new trends by providing high-end products and services such as fillers, cell therapy products, and cosmetics that meet customer needs through continuous research and development in the field of cosmetic surgery, contributing to the improvement of quality of life. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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