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August 25, 2020


[INQ. NO. 2008C04] Swaddle Suit is a product designed to eliminate the inconvenience for babies and mothers when using a regular square blanket. It maintains the butterfly position for sleep that is known to be the most comfortable sleeping position for babies, like inside the mother’s womb, and enables self-stabilization by using both hands, providing a baby wearing Swaddle Suit with a longer sleep time and less bedtime irritability.
In addition to this, it has taken one more step by adding a chest strap for the mother to catch the baby’s moro reflexes and to press the baby’s chest gently to reduce stomach problems, as well as to create an optimal stomach environment for the mother for the psychological stability of the baby. Since it is equipped with two-way zippers on the top and bottom, the bottom one can be used separately when changing diapers. And the zipper protection protects the baby’s soft flesh when opening and closing the zipper.

Reflecting the longings of pregnant women for the Nordic-style infant care, Scandimom Korea has developed a functional blanket for safety and quality sleep for babies and comfort for the parents. An application has been made for Korean patent registration and in terms of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), while the release of an upgraded product is scheduled through additional patent applications in the USA.
In addition, a new product has been introduced by combining charcoal and biobeads that prevent atopic dermatitis and have excellent antibacterial and fever reduction effects for expanding its product ranges.

Scandimom Korea is currently preparing to export to the United States, Japan and Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, and Vietnam, as well as promoting its products via domestic exhibitions and online channels.

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