Skincare Product for Babies

[INQ. NO. 2008C03] GNST, the name of which stands for “Good Night, Sleep Tight,” is a brand designed for quality sleep for babies without waking up due to skin problems. Coco Cream showed a 78% improvement in sleep disorders in a clinical trial, making it the brand’s flagship product.
The Pyrus Ussuriensis leaf extract, used only by GNST in Korea, has been successfully formulated by utilizing the technology provided by the National Institute of Biological Resources and Gachon University.

GNST launched Coco Body Lotion and Coco Bath & Shampoo along with Coco Cream in July 2019, becoming popular among mom consumers for its excellent efficacy, while the release of more new products is scheduled in the near future.
GNST Coco Cream contains a high concentration of Pyrus Ussuriensis leaf extract, medicinal mushroom complex extract, and ceramide, which is excellent for skin soothing and moisturizing, and thus soothes irritated skin quickly and prevents sensitive skin from deteriorating.
In particular, a clinical trial has proven its efficacy by demonstrating 74% relief of itching caused by dry skin and 42% reduction in percutaneous moisture loss. Currently, it is sold online and offline at domestic pharmacies, while preparing for overseas expansion through various export consultations with foreign buyers.
Momsumerlab launched GNST, a cosmeceutical brand targeted at infants and toddlers. It has started product R&D based on patents for itchiness relief obtained in collaboration with the National Institute of Biological Resources and Gachon University, and after two years of research, has succeeded in formulating cosmetics based on Pyrus Ussuriensis leaf extract. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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