Multipurpose Smart Sterilizer

[INQ. NO. 2009C07] FUNGKEL Multi Smart Sterilizer Sterilizer is a portable sterilizer that can be used for more than 400 minutes (up to 40 times) continuously when charging with a USB C-type connector.
Providing about eight times stronger sterilizing power than existing products, it can sterilize two masks, three toothbrushes, and mobile phones at the same time using a mask hanger, and it automatically shuts down after ten minutes of operation. Inside the sterilizer is equipped with a breathing care sterilization room (anion emission) connected to the inside and outside for indoor air circulation. The ON/OFF switch ensures both excellent power-saving and usability, while the movable handle offers convenience and usability.

Upgraded to a larger size, it can be used for a wider variety of products including nursing bottles and water bottles, and it can be installed on partitions and walls to fit in beautifully with its brilliant design. In addition, a stainless steel reflector installed inside the door removes sterilization blind spots by the diffuse reflection of ultraviolet rays, and the C-type terminal can be connected regardless of its direction to increase usability and convenience.
Founded in 1991, SKFM Ltd. is a leader in the Korean water-treatment industry based on new technology development, quality, and customer-first philosophy. Currently, it is delivering projects such as SKCF system, quantum wave system, RO system (seawater desalination), ozone-sterilization system, and filtration system (heavy water, rainwater treatment).
In recent years, the company has been expanding its business to include air sterilization treatment based on the outstanding and accumulated expertise of UV sterilization systems. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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