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September 22, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2009C17] Useemi Gluta Plus Whitening Body Solution reflects the needs of customers who seek long-term body whitening effects. Users can feel the moist but non-sticky spreadability produced by actively collecting opinions from customers in hot and humid Southeast Asia.
Also, beyond the temporary whitening effect, it is made to be a solution to customers who worry about skin problems such as pigmented armpits and skin scars. The product enables effective whitening care with glutathione that inhibits activation of the melanin generation substance, vitamin E that protects cells from active oxygen and prevents skin aging, and niacinamide that improves skin tone and inhibits skin problems.

The maximum capacity of glutathione in a lotion is 400ppm, and it took six months to stabilize the formulation. Clinical test results from Korea Dermatology Research categorized it as an unstimulated substance usable safely without any stimulation of the human body.
The ample amount of 300ml is suitable for body use and the price is also 30% cheaper than regular body lotions from other companies. The effect can be maximized using a mask pack or form in the same glutamate line.
Gaia International Co., Ltd. brought glutathione, a whitening ingredient that inhibits melanin activity, into body lotion and created a solution for customers who have various problems including skin pigmentation and scar. Now, gaining recognition for its technical skills, the company opened shops in NC department stores in Korea; Vietnam Gioi skinfood, a specialized distributor for Korean cosmetics; and Vietnam Watsons; and is now exporting the product to various countries including Cambodia, Thailand, and Japan. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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