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September 24, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2009C26] Lapalette Beauty is a skincare brand developed based on a natural color blending mechanism, which features fancy yet delicate combinations and textures.
Lapalette Beauty Calming Green Turnover Toner restores the balance of the skin damaged due to environmental factors and stress to a normal skin turnover cycle of 28 days, and moisturizes and manages acne, redness, and pores. It contains natural AHA, BHA, and PHA ingredients derived from nature to keep skin smooth by managing skin impurities and dead skin cells gently and naturally. It has obtained vegan certification.

Lapalette Beauty Calming Green Refresh Cream is a light and refreshing product optimized for providing the skin with oil and moisture balance. The BHA ingredient derived from nature gently manages dead skin cells to maintain its smoothness.
In addition, it is made by using SMP technology to generate densely structured moisture particles for effectively replenishing skin moisture. M-PEPTIDE COMPLEX, consisting of three peptides, amplifies moisture and provides fresh and healthy nutrition at the same time. It has obtained vegan certification.
Lapalette Beauty Calming Green Spot Solution is a spot treatment that intensively manages hard and red areas of problem skin. This special skincare product quickly and effectively relieves various stresses and environmental factors, skin problems in particular such as pimples and acne caused by wearing a mask, and restores the skin to its original state. The natural BHA ingredient simultaneously manages the hardened skin surface, while the green tea, tea tree, and Centella Asiatic ingredients provide a double-soothing effect.
These products do not contain skin precautions or artificial fragrances, and have passed a skin irritation tests. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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