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November 12, 2020

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[INQ. NO. 2011C13] Soflisse Foot Peeling Double Essence Mask is an exfoliating sheet for feet that removes old dead skin cells with fruit acid extract working as a peeling agent while cooling and calming the skin simultaneously with cypress water and menthol components.
Also, it helps smoothen and soften the skin with urea content while moisturizing the skin. The cypress water extracted from cypress trees reduces unpleasant odors and helps cleanse the skin.
Soflisse foot shampoo is a cleanser exclusively for feet. Its 100% natural scrub pallets help remove the dead skin cells in the feet and because it is hypoallergenic, it is good for daily foot care.
The cypress water helps your skin remain clean and fight germs, and a rich amount of foam is made with a small amount of liquid to help cleanse every inch of your feet. It provides freshness and a feeling of refreshment to stuffy and damp feet, and its hyaluronic acid hydrates the feet by even drawing moisture from the air.

Mask Pack
Soflisse Foot Massage Double Essence Mask Pack is a cooling massage pack that brings comfort to the skin with its aromatic scents and moisture by offering a cooling massage. It contains extracts from menthol and peppermint leaves, which give your feet a refreshing, cool feeling, of and help you recover from fatigue and stress.
The unsaturated fatty acid from sunflower seed oil helps to maintain healthy skin, and the squalane ingredient makes the skin more flexible. Its shea butter moisturizes the skin and jojoba seed oil, which is similar to human sebum structure, provides care deep into the skin of the feet.
Soflisse has sold more than 10 million units through Olive Young, the largest drugstore in Korea, for its unique design and excellent product capabilities, and is exported to Singapore, Russia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.



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