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Mask Pack & Neck Cream

ShiningCode Aminopuru Mask Pack is made of thick microfiber facial mask sheet and thus features excellent adhesion and absorbency. It is made by using 17 kinds of amino acids and patented ingredients as well as natural fragrance.
Using cuprolactate with excellent liquid-absorbing and lyophobic properties, ShiningCode Amino Pour Eye Mask has excellent adhesion. It contains Carnosine that helps prevent skin aging, and

Premium Mask Pack

JEJUWOODA 7 Days Mask is a 7-day intensive care program designed to make the skin clear and transparent, using seven raw essences from Jeju.
It consists of seven sheets and contains horse oil, cactus, pearl, Sasa quelpaertensis, Hallabong tangerine, and Camellia,
JEJUWOODA Co., Ltd. is a cosmetics manufacturer that produces products using raw materials from

Mask Pack & Functional Cosmetics

This product is a mask pack with dual function of whitening and anti-wrinkle, and it contains Chuncheon Nephrite extract which is rich in natural minerals. The sheet of the daily mask pack that changes loose, sagging and dull skin into smooth, tight and elastic skin with the strength of Chuncheon Nephrite extract is comfortably

Mask Pack & Ampoule

Aquvo Ampoule Addition Mask 900 is equipped with a separate ampoule, attached to the facial mask. It contains 25 types of nature-derived nutrients, plus each specifically-purposed ingredients on the mask sheet in order to get better effects for the skin.
Unlike other facial masks containing

Food Pack & Mask Pack

COOK PACK series, the representative product of ETTANG brand, is a single-use pack used by Pouring Formula01 color food base and Formula02 essence of liquid type into the standing pouch and then mixing them. This product is a new-concept modeling pack (rubber pack)

Mask Pack

PACKAGE, a skin care brand launched by Daeintech Inc. in 2017, is made from natural ingredients to help soothe, heal, and relax one’s skin. Containing no paraben,

Crocodile Oil Products

Crocodile Oil Products [INQ. NO. 1802C37] Columbia Healthcare, Inc has been producing healthcare medical devices for many years. It has also earned a reputation as a healthcare company that is certified by the U.S. FDA and exports its products to…

Rose Oil Skin Toner

Gelloy International is a specialized manufacturer of ultra-micro EPS bead products and has been exporting various living products have been exported, winning a good reputation in overseas markets.
EO Water is a 100% natural skin care product taking advantage of essential oil’s full benefits. Being a better substitute for essential oil thanks

Cosmetics Brand for Men

[INQ. NO. 1411C08] MdoC specializes in cosmetics only for men. In the past, only few selected men had an interest and purchased products. However, a growing number of male consumers have lately become very interested in beauty-care.Accordingly, men’s cosmetic lineup…

Cosmetics and Packs OEM & ODM

[INQ. NO. 1411C07] C&F Cosmetics, founded in 1995, is a research development and manufacturing (OEM/ODM) company of cosmetics with the following categories: Mask Pack: Sheet, Hydro-Gel, Patch, Plaster type Other Pack: Hand, Foot, Steam Hair, Nails, Foot Peering Skin Care:…

Makeup Removing Cleansing Tissue

[INQ. NO. 1406C23] Solomon Global-biz Co., Ltd. manufactures and exports various kinds of mask pack & skin care cosmetic products through sourcing in strictly approved manufacturing facility. We are a small company. Thus, we have the advantage of saving unnecessary…