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September 25, 2023[INQ. NO. 2309C53] La Hauteur consists of the Nano Mask Pack and the 2-in-1 Collagen Mask Pack. It is a specially designed ultra-thin nanofiber sheet of 0.05mm with high-adhesion for oil-water balance and improvement of skin resilience. As an inert metal, gold does not undergo chemical change or oxidization by other matter.

Theoretically, gold has a narrow ionic radius to be classified as a heavy metal with positive effects on DNA such as mitochondria. Because gold is a cation, it is known for its energizing effect on the body.



Its fiber contains a protein content of 50 to 60% extracted from cows, pigs, and fish. The collagen fibers are also known as white fibers. They are arranged in bundles with an average length of 10 to 100um, and the individual fiber has an average diameter of 1 to 2um.

When each collagen fiber is examined under high magnification, it consists of thin collagne fibrils with diameter 0.2 to 0.5um. The collagenous fibrils are arranged parallel, giving an appearance of striation.



It features excellent elastic recovery with high modulus of elasticity through lifting effect, safety probability, soft touch, and flexible stretching.

Pursuing to create greener environment for everyone by providing human and eco-friendly non woven fabric products, Dongwha Vitex Co., Ltd., since its establishment in 1994, has become a leader in the non-woven manufacturing industry in today’s globalized marketplace, based on continuous R&D and innovation of production lines.

Its efforts and investments have been focused on R&D to maximize customer satisfaction and enlighten its customers by providing the highest quality products. The company aims to grow with its customers and help create a greener environment for everyone by providing human – and eco-friendly products that are managed under strict quality-control in accordance with ISO-9001 and ISO-14001. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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