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November 12, 2020 Food
[INQ. NO. 2011C16] Nurungji is rich in nutrients because it is made by steaming rice. It also contains carbohydrate- decomposing enzymes, which are excellent for digestion, and is good for the diet, children’s snacks, and health foods, as it is a non-GMO food without gluten, sugar, or fat.
HanSangGung can help consumers exercise their jaws because it has to be chewed – it stimulates the brain, helps improve concentration and memory, and also prevents cerebrovascular disease. It also contains a lot of carbon, which enhances immunity and detoxifies the body.
HanSangGung, rich in amino acids, helps the body recover and regenerate its tissues, increases energy and effectively relieves hangovers.
Also, Sungnyung made by boiling HanSangGung in water contains a lot of monosaccharides, a type of carbohydrate, which is easily digested, so it helps one to digest food quickly and relieves indigestion.
HanSangGung is drawing wide attention as a diet food because it is low in calories and has a good balance of nutrients, which makes it enough for a meal allowing consumers to feel full and satisfied.
Patients under chemotherapy cannot easily get enough nutrients due to lack of appetite, and HanSangGung is digested easily, low in smell, and rich in dietary fiber, which is also effective in discharging waste from the body.

Handofood Co., Ltd. develops various types of HanSangGung products in its patented production facilities by applying its accumulated expertise It processes Korean agricultural products, and has acquired a number of certifications including ISO, HACCP, US FDA, MUI, and is Halal certified.

In addition, it has obtained ten patents and trademark rights, to preserve the original taste and promote the consumption of local agricultural products, which are exported worldwide. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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