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November 12, 2020

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 2011C10] Waterloo Direct Water Type Oral Irrigator is designed and produced in Korea. It cleans all corners of the mouth where a toothbrush cannot reach by spraying water After brushing the teeth, it gets rid of bad breath and toothpaste residue. It is also a multifunctional product that helps improve oral health with the effect of gum massage.
The green water filter, inserted into the distributor connected to the water supply in two stages, allows one to rinse the teeth with purified water and wash the face, while the ultra-fine sprinkling plate has a water-saving effect of 30-40%. Also, the ultra-fine sprinkling plate, generating negative ions in the air, helps to relieve stress and increase vitality.
Existing water flossers only have a sprinkling function, whereas Waterloo enables one to wipe the teeth while spraying water, thereby providing an excellent cleansing effect.

This product is recommended for people with swelling and painful gums, severe bad breath, and the problem of food residue getting stuck between your teeth, those undergoing orthodontic treatment, those who floss every day, and those who do not feel refreshed after brushing.
Established in 2015, Waterloo Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of WL-F700, a direct filter type water flosser, WL-F100, a washbasin filter, and so forth. The company has its own production line and uses only eco-friendly, non-toxic raw materials. It also holds domestic patents and ISO certifications.
Waterloo was selected as HIT500 by the Small and Medium Business Corporation in 2017 and obtained ISO certification in 2020. I

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