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Packaging Logistics Platform | Korean Products, Assembly-Type Injection Pallet
[INQ. NO. 2104C04] HDPE is assembled with modules made by injection molding of seven PEs, which is orthogonally assembled in the joint groove, enabling box shelves to be manufactured by forming a structural part including a sheet on the upper part, while its size can be adjusted.

Eco-friendly Assembly-Type Extruded Pallet
AP01 PVC, PP is made by cutting the extruded horizontal/vertical bar to the desired size and affixing the connection bracket. The upper part can be modified and assembled to customer needs, such as adding side-wall partitions.

Assembly-Type Box
Packpia can be produced in the desired material/size according to the customer’s design. The four sides of the bottom are made of plastic sheets, paper, plywood, transparent windows, etc.

Packaging Logistics Platform

Packaging Logistics Platform

Shelfino is manufactured with the desired product concept by using PE, PP Sheet+PP bracket+A/L profile. It can be manufactured according to the customer’s desired sizes and designs, while the height of each shelf is variable. Movable wheels and boxes are built into the lower part of each shelf, and LED lights can optionally be added.

Cart-on is manufactured according to the customer’s desired design concept, and additional functions can optionally be added. It is also equipped with installation, shelf, lighting, and outlet functions.
All of these products are provided in small packaging after disassembly at the time of supply, for the customer to assemble by themselves, and in case of partial damage during use, a restoration service to the original state can be provided. In addition, they are upcyclable as well as precyclable.

Packaging Logistics Platform | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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