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Korean Traditional Bag for Women | Korean Products

April 16, 2021 Cowhide Clutch Bag
[INQ. NO. 2104C08] KESYLANG consists of a front side made with traditional Korean patterned silk fabric and the reverse side with goatskin. It is spiced up with flower knots made by an artisan of traditional knots in Korea.
The clutch bag comes in the five cardinal colors, the major colors of Korea, and is more stylish with splendid and luxurious colors, delicate traditional patterns and pre-dyeing. The hot stamping of the dancheong pattern adds glamour to the other side.
This brand offers a variety of products including bags, clutch bags, pouch bags and fashion accessories decorated with combinations of traditional Korean patterns, silk, and leather.

Silk Cowhide Clutch Bag

Established in 2018, KESYLANG Co., Ltd. crafts handmade women’s bags using traditional Korean patterns, traditional knots, norigae, and mother-of-pearl. The company has launched KESYLANG, its own brand, after working as a designer of fashion bag brands for a long time.

Silk Cowhide Clutch Bag
It has participated in the International Craft Selling Exhibition, Artigiano in Fiera, and Ambiente in Germany, where its designs combining traditional Korean patterns and accessories were well received. KESYLANG is currently exporting its products worldwide.

Silk Cowhide Clutch Bag

Collaborating with Korean artisans, KESYLANG is planning and developing traditional, luxurious and unique designs, which can be distributed in other nations as well as in Korea, where its products are being sold in Lotte Department Store, Shinsegae Duty-Free, Hyundai Department Store, and Design Select Shop.

Silk Cowhide Clutch Bag | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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