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July 15, 2021
[INQ. NO. 2107C05] Easygrip Corncutter is a foot care solution for experts who want a clear exfoliation. It is effective for removing thick hard callus and economical with disposable razors and comfortable grip. Using high-quality German blades, it can be safely stored by using the cover. Safety Callusrazor is an excellent foot care product for those who are reluctant to use sharp callus removers. It is effective for rough calluses and safe with blade grills. Light and compact with comfortable grip, it can be easily used by beginners. Stainless Callus Remover is a product designed for removal of rough calluses as well as neat, one-touch cleaning. It is effective for rough calluses with comfortable grip and no abrasion. Using anti-rust metals, it warded received Germany’s IF Design Award.
Two-in-one Ceramic Footfile cures both the soles and the calluses on narrow areas. Using pure ceramic materials, it is effective for narrow areas with comfortable grip and two-in-one function. Its ceramic materials do not cause allergies. Silky Benefit is a systematic and smart package to provide all-step callus care. Having economical four-in-one function and twist grip, it is effective for narrow areas.

Foot Care Products

S-Line Footfile is a double-sided callus remover that is effective for dry feet. It can be used on both sides. Leg Massager is designed to make the legs slim and healthy. Effective for calves, especially knotted calves, it improves blood circulation. It is also effective for massaging with its round bumps. The hydrolized coral and AHA ingredients contained in Thalasso Mineral Coral Footscrub makes the skin smooth while exfoliating. Also contained are refreshing grapefruits and various fruit extracts to maintain moisture. The marine complex keeps the feet toned.

Foot Care Products

Foot Scrub
Thalasso Mineral Coral Foot Scrub is a special soft rolling system. The chewy and soft extracts from AHA ingredients, diatomaceous earth, and natural salts settle and gently roll into the skin, effectively reducing skin irritation during exfoliation, as well as simultaneously providing nutrition and moisturizing effect. The fine moisture particles in Thalasso Mineral Spa Footcream come in contact with the skin to keep it moist and gentle for an extended period of time. Containing refreshing grapefruit and various fruit extracts to maintain moisture, the hydrolized coral and AHA ingredients make the skin smooth while exfoliating. When applied, the grapefruit fragrance gently spreads, and the marine complex keeps the feet toned. THALASSO Cool thalasso ingredients of Cooling Leg Gel has long lasting long-lasting cooling effects with refreshing aquamarine flavor but no flavor, but containing no paraben, mineral oil, or triclosan. Cool The cool thalasso ingredients of THALASSO Cooling Foot Spray has also have long-lasting, cooling effects, but conaining no paraben, mineral oil, or triclosan. The Aero deodorant keeps the feet fragrant. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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