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Korean Stir-fried Rice Cake Sauce | Korean Products

September 23, 2021[INQ. NO. 2109C44] Spicy Witch, Seaweed Witch Topokki, and Rapokki are soft and chewy rice Topokki products that can be easily cooked and eaten simply by boiling water. They are in keeping with the major current trends, such as “Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Wheat-Free, Simple ingredients.”
These products are made with seven ingredients: Cheongyang chilli pepper, dried anchovy, dried kelp, maesil (Japanese apricot) extract, oligosaccharide, soy sauce (brewed in a traditional way), and canola oil. All of these ingredients, except canola oil, come from Korea.
There is no addition of capsaicin, water, modified starch, or meat, so vegetarians can use Thebab Sauce with ease. All products are packed in eco-friendly materials meeting the FDA standards.
They come in five types corresponding to different levels of spiciness: Green Chili Slightly Spicy (the least spicy), Red Chili Slightly Spicy, Green Chilli Spicy, Red Chilli Spicy, and Green Chili Extremely Spicy (the spiciest). It is offered in glass bottles (lOOg, 130g) and pouch-type small packages (25g). The size makes the product convenient to use for small families and during a trip.

Korean Stir-fried Rice Cake Sauce


Spicy Witch Sauce comes in two types: spicy and mild. It is also offered in glass bottles (195g) and pouches (13g). The increase in the bottle size, compared to the Bab Sauce, was made in response to the recommendation of American and Southeast Asian buyers. The smaller-sized pouches aim at the Japanese market where many convenience stores sell lunch boxes.
Thebab Co., Ltd. produces stir-fried dishes, various stews, and soups, noodles such as ramen and pasta) meat sauce, and fish dishes. Its products are certified by FDA and ISO 22000 and received the Hi Seoul award for an excellent product brand.

Korean Stir-fried Rice Cake Sauce

They are exported to various countries including the USA, the UK, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, and Japan. Thebab has also succeeded in entering the Vietnamese and Indonesian online shopping malls. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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