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October 20, 2021[INQ. NO. 2110C13] C-Sound enables the user to see, feel, and record sound, and is produced through exclusive distributor and reseller contracts with Vuzix, the world’s top industrial AR smart glass manufacturer; Rokid, a robot startup in China; and Team Viewer GmbH in Germany.
Established in 2019, XPERT Inc. is a smart glass total solution company that is leading the industry and personal XR wearable market, while contributing to vitalizing the domestic XR market by providing top-quality products and solutions to various industries and individuals. This product is equipped with an AI STT (Speech-To-Text) function on easy-to-use AR smart glasses so that people with hearing impairments can communicate and do hands-free activities without language barriers in their daily life. It is a solution to provide a service for conversation recognition and even non-verbal communication delivered through gestures and facial expressions.

AI Smart Caption Glasses

It is equipped with a built-in hybrid AI-STT engine that can be used by automatically switching between stand-alone and cloud services depending on the presence or absence of Internet access, so users can wear it comfortably anytime, anywhere. In addition, the size and color of the displayed text can be adjusted according to the user’s perspective.
Currently, the accuracy of the Korean language is higher than 90%, and it supports various languages and can be converted into the language of the desired country.

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