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June 18, 2022

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 2205C17] In general, birch sap, taken from peeled birch barks, is known to cure skin problems and purify the body as healthy water with good minerals ideally dissolved. Therefore, the sap has long been consumed and applied in Korea.

Mode Blancs Birch Moisture Series contains organic berry extracts and DermaFlux, helping to tone down the skin and control the moisture flow in cell layers. As for organic berry extracts, they are extracted by using the low temperature and ultrasonic assisted extraction method in order to minimize the loss of biologically active substances that could be destroyed when extracted at high temperature and are processed to have outstanding effects on softening and repairing the skin.

Modeblancs Birch Function Series is a functional product that not only moisturizes but also improves skin tone, texture and elasticity. It is a KFDAcertified functional product. Using ten patented natural ingredients including pleuropterus multiflorus, liquorice, morus bark, phellinus linteus, sophora root, cimicifuga racemosa, black sesame, Republic of Korean angelica, white woodland peony and scutellaria baicalensis georgi, the products provides antiaging, whitening, anti-wrinkle and anti-allergic effects to help keep the skin clean and bright.

In addition, it fundamentally provides sufficient moisture to the skin by using pheohydrane, an ingredient to help recover the self moisturizing function of the skin. After entering into a contract with Ewha Care as sole distributor in Hong Kong, Mode Blancs is now active in exporting its products worldwide including to the USA, Singapore, Japan and other countries through Amazon US, Shopee SG and Kmall24. As the sanitary approval from China is to be completed by the end of 2019, it is expected that exports to the Chinese market will rapidly grow.

Founded in 2015, MODEBLANCS produces cosmetics made from birch sap without using any artificial fragrances, artificial colors, synthetic preservatives, synthetic surfactants, or animal ingredients that cause skin irritation and allergies. It is safe for pregnant women, customers with fragrance allergies, and others with sensitive skin.



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