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July 31, 2022[INQ. NO. 2207C33] Pime Feel Up Ampoule Gold contains eight types of peptides to provide sufficient protein to the skin, helping to improve wrinkle recovery, anti-aging, moisturization, and elasticity.

It contains niacinamide to help suppress pigmentation and improve skin tone, and pure gold (300ppm) to provide a gold therapy effect. Produced in a syringe-type container, it is convenient to use repeatedly until it is completely used up.

Pime Modeling Mask is a modeling cup pack optimized for one-time use containing collagen, yogurt, vitamins, tea tree and pearls. It is a home esthetic product that helps the active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin to bring about a fundamental change in the skin.



Pime Remade Cream provides sufficient moisture and forms a skin-moisturizing film to help maintain the moist level of the skin by preventing moisture from evaporating from the skin.

It is a functional moisturizing cream that contains bilberry extract, arbutin, to help whiten the skin. Whitening ingredients including arbutin and tranexamic acid help brighten dull skin from within.

Natural ingredients minimize irritation, and fermented ingredients are absorbed deep into the skin to help whiten the skin and improve elasticity.



PIME, launched in 2016 by Timesystem Co., Ltd., is a cosmetic brand made using plant ingredients obtained from nature and using cutting-edge biotechnology.

Equipped with eco-friendly and safe properties for the human body, it uses carefully selected raw materials such as natural ingredients and marine collagen to enhance the skin’s condition.
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