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August 16, 2022
[INQ. NO. 2208C25] Hybrid-Mesh HM Cast is an orthopedic fracture care device. Conventional casts are performed by wearing cotton stockinet, wrapping cotton bandages, and put fiberglass tape type casts around it. HM Cast, however, is in tubular shape, making it easier and faster to apply by simple roll & unroll over its protective sleeve. The key benefit of mesh-structured HM Cast is its breathability of the finished cast, greatly minimizing itchiness and odor. With its combination of mesh design and water-repellent sleeve, HM Cast is fully wet-able and dry-able cast.



Through its mixed polyester fabric, HM Splint offers high elasticity to alleviate the phenomenon of folding in areas with severe bends such as heels, minimizing discomfort and injury from friction and secondary wounds.

Since established in June 2001, New Cast Industry Co., Ltd (New Cast) has developed the world’s first ventilated orthopedic cast and obtained a patent in Korea and United States. New Cast currently exports most of its products worldwide through regional distributors.



HM Cast and HM Splint are fully registered in US FDA and EU (CE Certified), and New Cast’s facilities are ISO 13485 certified.
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