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Cosmetics for Dermatology Clinics & Aesthetics | Korean Products

August 16, 2022[INQ. NO. 2208C52] Dr.esthé is a professional cosmetics brand created with the help of 100 Korean dermatologists who engaged in all processes from product design to research and development since 2004

Dr.esthé Hyal-Moisture Solution Ampoule, containing hyaluronic acid, goat oil extract, and 89% Provence rose water, provides moisture deep into the skin, quenching the thirst of dry skin and moisturizing both outside and inside.

Dr.esthé Azulene Relief Solution Ampoule, containing azulene, goat oil extract, and 73% green tea water, is excellent in soothing reddened and stressed skin and protects the skin from external stimuli to create clear and healthy skin.



Dr.esthé M.G.F. Renewal Solution Ampoule, containing MGF as the main ingredient, goat milk extract, snail mucus filtrate 89%, and peptide complex, helps wrinkle improvement and makes the skin smooth and elastic.

Dr.esthé Vita-C Radiance Solution Ampoule, containing high content of vitamins B, C, and E, chlorine oil extract, and 71% lemon water, is quickly absorbed into dull skin and brightens the skin.



In Dr.esthé Rejuvenating Ampoule, containing PDRN extracted from salmon DNA, forms an excellent regenerative effect and a moisturizing film on damaged skin, giving it a watery glow and helping to take care of the skin’s origin.

Dr.esthe Rejuvenating Cream is a highly concentrated cream with PDRN and patented ingredient from Peruvian ginseng, maca root, to repair and provide balanced nutrition for healthier skin, improving skin elasticity.
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