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August 16, 2022 care & Brightening Products
[INQ. NO. 2208C53] Tiaragold Snail Cream contains snail mucus extract that helps the skin regenerate, and four types of probiotics that increase skin immunity and strengthen the skin barrier while helping to make the skin healthy and beautiful. It is a double-functional cosmetic with wrinkle improvement and whitening effects.

It also has wrinkle care and brightening effects.



Tiaragold Multi Premium Bb Cream is a triple functional cosmetic with excellent UV protection, whitening, and wrinkle improvement effects. It is non sticky and rich with moisture and smooth application.



Tiaragold Multi Premium Bifida Serum contains Serum-Bifida Antiperspirant Lysate and Copper Tripeptide that strengthen the skin barrier and elasticity, prevent skin aging, and moisturize the skin.



Its main export destinations include Europe and North America, while also now being exported to Australia and New Zealand.
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