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August 16, 2022 Solution
[INQ. NO. 2208C19] BalanState Epigenetics is a disease prediction solution that combines genetic engineering and artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

As a disease-prediction service integrating genetic engineering, AI, and Polygenic Risk Score(PRS) technologies, it has significantly improved the safety and convenience of users and medical staff, through ‘non-contact,’ non-invasive methods including extraction of buccal epithelial cells.

It applies a Deep Learning model-based innovative solution to PRS data and epigenetic modification fusion data to analyze genetic vulnerabilities, predict the level of risk of developing certain diseases, and provide customized health- management solutions.



Talent Gene Consulting Service
BalanState Talent Gene Scan is a talent gene consulting service that combines genetic engineering and AI technology.

It uses oral swabs to collect specimens (buccal epithelial cells) to identify a total of 168 heritable epigenetic markers in 12 different areas of talent. CB also calculates metrics for each specific area through weight summation and PRS technologies.



After provision of an analytic report in accordance with individual metrics, it provides 1:1 customized solutions on aptitude, career, education, and academy, together with professionals.

HnB Genomics. Inc., a start-up established in 2018 and run by a UNIST faculty, develops and provides AI-based customized health management services together with life science engineers and data analytic specialists.

The company was registered as an institute specializing in genetic testing in 2018 and as an institute carrying out research in the Ulsan Genome Service Industry Regulation Free Special Zone in 2020. HnB has been utilizing big data from intelligent omics technologies since January 2021 to conduct disease prediction activities and demonstration tasks related to the development of diagnostic markers.
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