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August 16, 2022 Coating Solution
[INQ. NO. 2208C34] Noanix Coating Solution is an HA based hydrophilic coating material with a contact angle of 15~25°. The hyaluronic acid contained in the product has an EWG rating, which proves that it is highly stable and one of the best in Korea. Hydrophilic EA coating on disposable medical devices reduces pain and stress caused by insertion as it reduces surface friction. It helps make surgeries successful and reduces side effects significantly by controlling cell reactions.

Noanix Drug Coating Device is used on the surface of medical devices for organ transplant such as stents and balloons to reduce possible complications following transplantation.



Hydrophilic Coating Device
NoaCoater , a dip coating machine that uses a dipping method, can coat various medical devices such as EMGs and guide wires. Different types of materials including not only hydrophilic materials, but also PTFE and silicon polyester can be used with the machine. In addition, the product’s biggest advantages are its technology security, customization in manufacturing, and convenience, all enabled by the personalization of custom-made machines.



Ultrasonic Nozzle
SoniCoater has a current frequency of up to 320 kHz, being capable of spraying particles of 10um. It allows even and thin coatings for medical devices that are generally difficult to coat, such as drug-eluting stents (DES) and drug-eluting balloons (DEB).



Hydrophobic Coating Device is composed of a Ferralin coating device and a Teflon coating device. The former has excellent biocompatibility, antithrombotic function, and is a vacuum deposition method capable of hydrophobic coating, which is clean and causes no odor or environmental problems. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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