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August 16, 2022 Tea
[INQ. NO. 2208C42] Fall in Herb Tea is made using self cultivated GAP, and ISO-22000-certified herbs with no pesticides. It is a healthy handmade leaching tea that not only helps to stabilize the mind and body, and recovers from fatigue but also has a good effect on improving memory.



Herb Soap
Refreshing morning Herbal Soap is a natural handmade soap made using only natural ingredients including honey, olive oil, chamomile water, and essential oils, which are good for skin soothing, moisturizing, atopy relief, etc. while providing a refreshing feeling whenever used.



Herb Toothpaste
Refreshing morning Herbal Toothpaste is free from 11 ingredients harmful to the human body and manufactured with natural ingredients and herbal extracts to help remove bad breath, whitening, stomatitis, periodontitis, etc.



Herb Shampoo
Refreshing morning herbal shampoo, composed of herbal ingredients and herbal extracts, can help prevent dandruff, itchy hair, and hair loss. Herbstory Inc. is a social enterprise that produces health products such as herbal soap, herbal toothpaste, and herbal shampoo using pesticide-free herbal tea and herbal extracts by growing herbal crops in cooperation with the local community at the foot of Chiaksan Mountain in Wonju, recognized as a clean, eco-friendly area in South Korea.
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