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August 16, 2022
[INQ. NO. 2208C14] Lazy Society 5-blade Razor is the only razor in the world with individual moving blades. The five blades adapt to the contours of the face for an ultra close shave. The lubricating strips contains aloe vera and vitamin E to minimize skin irritation while shaving.




Shaving Gel
Cica Shaving Gel is optimized for sensitive skin enriched with cica to soothe and hydrate irritated skin without pernicious ingredients. The transparent shaving gel softens the stubble helps razors to glide effortlessly preventing razor bumps, nicks and cuts.



Aftershave Lotion
Cica Aftershave Lotion contains a high amount of ingredients that are especially beneficial for minimizing irritation while shaving, such as madecassoside, cica, and panthenol. Moisturize the skin deeply and effectively, without feeling greasy nor sticky, giving a refreshing feeling all day.



Aftershave Toner Spray
Cica Aftershave Toner Spray instantly soothes shaving irritation with a refreshing and cooling sensation. Ultra-fine moisturizing particles absorb deeply into the skin preventing dryness after shaving.



Hinoki Sunscreen is easy to wear without stickiness, white case, stiffness, or greasiness. The lotion-type formula hydrates the skin smoothly and absorbs quickly. It also blocks UV rays effectively while calms the skin with hinoki extract.
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