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September 19, 2022 Noodles
[INQ. NO. 2209C11] Naturepick Seaweed Noodles are made with fresh seaweed from the clean waters of Wando, South Korea. Seaweed has been widely favored as a health food in Korea for a long time for it is rich in dietary fiber and minerals such as calcium and potassium. Using 99% natural ingredients, these healthy noodles can be eaten as it is without boiling, without using flour, starch, or flavoring. Consisting of a variety of noodle dishes, it goes well with cold dishes, hot noodles, and spicy noodles (bibim dishes).




Seaweed Stick/Corn Stick
Mr. Kim’s Choice Seaweed Stick/Corn Stick is a combination of snacks and dry seaweed with a nutty and sweet taste, which has long been one of Korea’s traditional cookies. It has begun to garner a lot of interest from consumers with the recent, so-called “retro” trend.

Focusing on safety and health, the manufacturer of BA uses healthy ingredients and adheres to the “Non-GMO” and “NO trans fat” values. It also received a HACCP certification and subscribed to product liability insurance. Moreover, aluminum packaging and poultices are used to keep the cookies fresh and crisp even when stored for a long period of time.



Red Ginseng Drink
Naturepick Red Ginseng Chuchu is a health drink for kids, which contains 3.5 zinc, an essential nutrient for children, and Korean red ginseng has grown for six years. It comes in a size that’s easy for kids to hold in one hand and has a drawing of a cute character on the cover. The taste is a mix of red ginseng and mixed fruit, making it easy for kids to drink. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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