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Fruit Collagen Jelly | Korean Products

September 20, 2022[INQ. NO. 2209C33] ShineMuscat/Pineapple Elastin Collagen Jelly is a fruit collagen jelly made using OSTEOL-FORTE technology and technology transfer with ASCO PHARM in Russia.


It contains 36 mg of shine muscat/pineapple mixed concentrate, elastin and polygammaglutamic acid (PGA), which is known to help promote calcium absorption in the body. Also containing low molecular-weight fish collagen of 300 Da or less, it is quickly absorbed into the body. Coming in a jelly-type stick, it is easy to carry and eat on the go.



Fermented Black Deodeok Pear Juice has a deep scent and taste as it is a combination of dried ginger and fermented Korean black deodeok extracted together with Korean pear and balloon-flower roots.


Black deodeok contains over five times as much polyphenol and flavonoids as the ordinary deodeok, so both antioxidants and the fermentation process allow more nutrients to get absorbed into the body.



Founded in 2005, Gagopa Healing Food Co., Ltd. has been in the family business for three generations, manufacturing various products such as herbal ingredients and organic herbal teas using Korea’s representative herbs, which are the basis of traditional Oriental medicine.


In order to promote the excellence of Korean herbal ingredients globally, the company is expanding its business focus from Southeast Asia (including China, Japan, Vietnam, and Singapore) to the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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